CXC Outdoor Center

CXC Outdoor Center

4355 Schwartz Road, Middleton, Wisconsin

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Our vision is to create an outdoor community center with accessible design and a conservation ethic. With purpose-built cross country skiing and mountain biking trails, anchored by a public shared-use community building, the Center will offer a turn-key outdoor venue for sports events and training, and a year-round focus on recreation and educational programming.

This is a community partnership, and we need your support. Join us in making the vision for the Center become a reality!


The CXC Trailhead is located at 4355 Schwartz Rd, Middleton, WI 53562.

The well-lit machine-made snow loop at the CXC Outdoor Center will become available as soon as the weather permits snowmaking. Our anticipated opening date is December 1; operational hours are from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Starting from December 1 until March 15, a ski pass is mandatory to enjoy the 13-kilometer CXC Trail System, including cross-country ski trails across the Pleasant View Golf Course.

View Ski Trail Map

Purchase All-Access Ski Pass

Purchase All-Access Ski Pass (City of Middleton Resident)

Purchase Regular Ski Pass

Purchase Regular Ski Pass (City of Middleton Resident)

The All-Access Ski Pass (for trails with machine-made and natural snow coverage) provides access to the entire groomed CXC Trail, including cross-country ski trails on the Pleasant View Golf Course, and includes access to the machine-made snow loop that is groomed and tracked before there is enough natural snow to groom elsewhere. An All-Access Ski Pass, or daily pass, is required to ski on the machine-made snow loop at any time. The added revenue from the sales of the All-Access Ski Pass helps offset the costs of snowmaking and trail maintenance at the venue.

A Regular Ski Pass (for trails with natural snow coverage) is required for each person to ski on the 13-kilometer CXC trail system from December 1st to March 15th. The pass provides access to the entire groomed CXC Trail with natural snow coverage, including cross-country ski trails on the Pleasant View Golf Course.

Middleton residents receive 50% off ski pass fees. To be eligible for a 50% discount, having a home address within the City of Middleton is a requirement.


Our information packet includes a Welcome Letter, List of Center Programming & Events, Site Maps, Building Plan, Floor Plans, Giving Circles, and Naming Rights.

Download Info Packet (PDF)

CXC Center Info Packet


Private, Small Group, and Family Lessons

We offer 60-minute classic and skating lessons for individuals, small groups (3-6 skiers at a time), and family groups (up to 3 households of skiers at a time). Lessons are for novice and beginner-level skiers at the CXC Outdoor Center in Middleton, WI. You must pre-register online.

Private lessons are taught by a PSIA-certified instructor who will personalize the lesson to match your skill level and aspirations. Our instructor’s goals are to increase your skill, efficiency, and joy of skiing in either classic or skate techniques. You will be able to request preferred days and times as you complete registration, and you will be matched with the best instructor for your skill level and goals.

Private Lesson Pricing:

For 1-2 people: $90
For groups of 3-6 people: $210

Ski Rentals and Fees:

CXC Adventure Dome / 4355 Schwartz Road, Middleton

Ski rentals (classic only) are $10 and available from the CXC Adventure Dome based on reservation and availability. You will need to arrive 30 min ahead of time to pick up and pay for the equipment. The lesson fee will include instruction, an all-access trail pass for the day, and reserved parking at the site. Ski rental is not included in the lesson fee.

* Please get in touch with us at for large-group pricing for groups larger than six.

Private Lessons Registration


Junior and Adult Cross-Country Ski Rentals

The Salomon Nordic Rental Center is open for rentals Tuesday thru Friday, 3 - 6 PM.

The CXC Adventure Dome is not open for returns over the weekend and on Mondays.
All rentals must be returned during open hours.


- The weekday rental rate is $25, and this includes skis, boots, and poles (skate or classic).

- Equipment is available on a first-come/first-served basis.

- Rental equipment can be taken off-premises but must be returned by the end of the same day, 6 PM.

- Additional rental days are $15.

- A ski pass is not included in the price of a rental.


The weekend rate is $50. Weekend rentals must be picked up by 6:00 PM on Friday and returned on the following Tuesday by 6 PM.

Adaptive Sit-Ski Equipment

Weekday and weekend rental rates apply. The seated sitting position of the CXC sit-ski makes it suitable for people with Spina Bifida, Spinal Cord Injuries (SCI), Polio, Multiple Sclerosis (MS), Cerebral Palsy (CP), Amputees and Paraplegics, and other lower body disabilities. It is great for working core muscles and the upper body while sliding on snow. The sit-ski comes in one size and is adjustable to various body shapes. First, adjust the knee bar and footrest to your leg length for an optimal sitting position. Then, propel yourself by poling with adjustable-length ski poles.

If you have any questions about availability or the process of reserving rental equipment, please reach out to Kamilya at, or call (608) 294-0433.



CXC Outdoor Center Membership Program

Engage in activities that celebrate outdoor recreation while also making a positive impact on its preservation. By becoming a member, you play a direct role in supporting the continuous excellence of the facility and trails, ensuring they are well-maintained for everyone to enjoy.

As a member of THE KLUBB, you can choose your membership level.
Each membership tier offers access to the trails, activities in Middleton, and CXC sports facilities and provides various benefits designed to express our gratitude to our 100 founding club members.

View Membership Information


If you have any questions, feedback, or comments, feel free to contact us,
or call (608) 294-0433.


The following organizations are partnering with us as we build the Center:

Capitol Off Road Pathfinders (CORP)
Cornerstone Environmental Group
City of Middleton
Dane County Parks
Hunden Strategic Partners
J.H. Findorff & Son Inc.
Madison Area Sports Commission
Madison Community Foundation
Madison Nordic Ski Club & Blackhawk Ski Club
U.S. Ski & Snowboard
U.S Olympic & Paralympic Committee
Middleton Visitors Center / Visit Middleton
Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources
Wisconsin Department of Tourism
Workshop Architects & Gensler Architects



We are deeply grateful to our early contributors.
Thank you for helping to make the vision for the Center come to life!


Becker Law Office, SC and Don & Heidi Becker
Steve & Jill Cohan
City of Middleton
Dan & Natalie Erdman
Debbie (Deborah) Erdman
Richard & Carol Francois
Mark & Sharon Hughes
The Huelsmann Foundation
Hy Cite Enterprises, LLC (naming rights for Field of Play)
Madison Community Foundation
Madison Nordic Ski Club
Visit Middleton
Ann Pollock & Jim Coors
Laurel Rabson & William O'Brien
Oyvind Solvang
Ryan Wheeler & Malynn Utzinger
Pat Walsh & Noreen Warren
Tom Zdeblick & Stacey Brickson

SILVER CIRCLE: $25,000 - $49,999

Gaumnitz Family
Elizabeth Gracie
Mark & Molly Griffin
Dennis Kruse
Jonathan & Jean Patz
John and Leslie Taylor
Tom Woody & Pam Schneider
MGE Foundation

BRONZE CIRCLE: $10,000 - $24,999

Ruth Bronston & Charles Buse
Jed & Robin Downs
Thomas & Jeanne Grist
Craig & Pam Heilman
Mike & Ann Jorgensen
Craig McCallum
Mark & Laura McCormick
Kevin McKown & Nancy Fuller
The John W. Thompson & Jane A. Bartell Charitable Foundation, in honor of Steve Myrland & Kellie Murphy
Liese M. Pfeifer
John DeNovo & Donna Sereda
Jennifer & David Sereno

FORERUNNERS: $500 - $9,999

Dean Gore & Brenda Baker
Eric Baker
Juan Pablo Boriosi
Scott Button
Tim Carey
Mark Craven
Dave & Robyn Garfoot
Frank Grenzow
Joan Greshik
Richard & Joanne Woodman Hodge
Dan Julie
Iris Kurman
Richard Pierce & Sandy Lampman
Walter & Stacey Meanwell
Linda Olson - To The New Home of Movement Pilgrims
John Orlikowski
Dale & Joanna Fanney
Brian M. Parks
Bill & Maria Rattunde
Pat & Kate Remington
Brynn Bemis & Finn Ryan
Patrick Scheckel
Carolyn Senty
John & Anne Schacherl
Ken & Pam Schoville
Reg Bruskewitz & Margie Sprecher
Luke StClair
Elizabeth Smith
Joanne Snow
Marc & Jessica Young

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With purpose-built cross country skiing and mountain biking trails, anchored by a public shared-use community building, the Center will offer a turn-key outdoor venue for sport events and training, and a year-round focus on recreation and educational programming.

Download Case for Support (PDF)

Case for Support


Latest News & Developments

MAY 5, 2023

On March 28, we ended our second winter season at the CXC Outdoor Center in Middleton. We want to thank the community and supporters of the Center, share the past season's achievements, and look forward to the subsequent phases of development this spring and summer.

We sold over 1,600 trail passes this season and maintained 127 days of groomed trails from November 21 to March 28.

Before completing the trailhead building, we set up a dome structure as a temporary trailhead and rental Center. Thanks to our collaboration with Salomon, we have started offering classic and skate cross-country equipment rentals.

Significant construction is underway on Pleasant View Road, which began on April 2. This project will include the construction of the bike/pedestrian bridge connecting the City of Middleton bike trail system to the CXC Outdoor Center. The City of Middleton and the State of Wisconsin fund the project.

The city of Middleton has selected a contractor to build a mountain bike pump track. Construction is set to begin in July, and we expect it to be completed by September 1.

NOVEMBER 8, 2022

We have secured a DNR well permit; cold weather is on the way, and it will take almost two weeks to drill the well. With one final push, together we can turn this goal into reality this month!

We encourage you to stop by the CXC Center (4355 Schwartz Road, Middleton, Wisconsin) to see the transformation our place has gone through in the last three weeks:

- The new parking lot now accommodates additional 48 parking spots;
- Americans with Disabilities (ADA) trail access with an additional three ADA parking spots;
- "Hy Cite Field of Play" open space to be used for lessons and events;
- Teaching areas with various slope grades to learn uphill and downhill ski techniques.

We are also planning to add the following elements to bring excitement to the season:

- Temporary trailhead structure;
- Beginner-level classic and skate skiing equipment rentals;
- Beginner ski lessons for groups and individuals.

Thank you again for your incredible support. Please consider contributing to our final fundraising push, and if you have already donated, please help us to spread the word!

OCTOBER 4, 2022

We had a busy spring and summer as we began to permit and plan the next phase of building development. CXC and the City of Middleton made great progress including:

- Creation of a stormwater plan for the whole site of the CXC Center and trails
- Development of a grading design and plan for the site and trails
- Securing a DNR erosion control permit
- Securing a high-capacity well permit for snowmaking
- Receiving a DNR grant which will cover a large portion of construction costs for the multi-use, 1km paved trail which will be used for rollerskiing. Construction will start next spring.

The most common question we have been asked lately is, “What will happen this fall?”. Starting today, we will begin the next phase of developments which we will complete before the ski season. Developments will include:

- Phase 2 parking, which will add an additional 46 parking spots to the 18 parking spots completed last fall
- Mass grading of the open area to be used for events, lessons, and future trailhead building
- A pond to manage stormwater runoff from the parking lots and future trailhead building.

And, there is exciting news for this winter! Our plan is to start making snow as soon as weather permits and provide a 2km lighted snowmaking trail for the winter season. We plan to rent classic cross country ski equipment, offer individual and small group technique lessons, and host a few local races as well as WI Sprint High School State Championships.

Bike Park construction has been shifted to the spring and will include a paved pump track, skills course, and a new novice trail with intermediate/advanced features for more experienced riders.

AUGUST 18, 2022

- A DNR permit for mass grading and parking lot construction should be issued any day now
- A DNR permit for a high-capacity well should be issued by the end of August
- Accepted bid for the stormwater facilities and mass grading of the upper area of the site. Construction is scheduled to begin on October 1, 2022
- The city of Middleton is currently accepting bids for phase two parking to increase parking capacity with additional 48 parking stalls. Construction is scheduled to begin on October 15, 2022
- Applied for the design approval for phase one of the trailhead building to the city of Middelton Planning Commission.

JULY 15, 2022

Spring is a quiet time, but we have been staying busy:

- Established a temporary mountain bike trailhead allowing access to the Pleasant View Mountain Bike trail system
- The city of Middleton contracted Wayser Engineering to develop a stormwater plan for the entire site
- The city of Middleton contracted IMBA Trail Solutions to design a 12,000 sf pump track (which will be the largest in WI) as a part of the bike park
- Applied for high capacity snowmaking well permit (expecting to have it approved in August)
- Completed bio-retention basin at the bottom of the access drive
- Hosted two fundraising events at the site and raised $35K towards high-capacity snowmaking well
- Currently accepting bids for grading the area for the future trailhead building, phase 2 parking, and bike park.
- Applied for the design approval for phase 1 of the trailhead building to the city of Middelton Planning Commission
- Assisted with a mountain bike trail maintenance work day and have been mowing ski trails weekly.

JULY 4, 2022

The bio-retention basin is finished and marks the completion of the access road construction. The next phase is site grading at the top of the access drive for Phase II: parking lot, bike park, and trailhead building.

Capital Campaign Progress Report and Updated Plans

We want to extend an invitation to bid for improvements for Phase II of the CXC Outdoor Recreation Facility. We ask bids to be sent back to us via email on or before Friday, July 8th, 2022, by 2:00 pm. If you know a contractor interested in bidding or have questions during the bidding process, please reach out directly to us at, and we will coordinate a response.

MARCH 15, 2022

On Monday, March 14th, we ended our first winter season at the CXC Outdoor Recreation & Sports Center.

Some notable milestones this season:

- 76 Days groomed (from December 13th to March 14th)
- 974 Individual Trail Passes purchased
- 89 Family Trail Passes purchased
- 328 Daily Trail Passes purchased
- First small group Ski Lessons held at the Center
- First championship event held at the Center – WNSL Sprint State Championship, February 5-6

As we move into this Spring and Summer, we are looking forward to PHASE TWO of development at the Center.

JANUARY 7, 2022

It is hard to imagine there was no road and parking lot just a few months ago but a farm field. We are thankful to all who supported our vision to complete PHASE ONE of such a complex but exciting project on time before the cross-country ski season. This project is 100% funded by individual and corporate donations.

Project Progress Report

DECEMBER 20, 2021

The City of Middleton and Central Cross Country Skiing (CXC) celebrate the opening of the access road, parking lot, and cross country skiing trails at the CXC Outdoor Recreation & Sports Center (CXC Center).

Press Release

SEPTEMBER 16, 2021

Community and business leaders turned out for a groundbreaking ceremony on Schwartz Road for CXC Outdoor Recreation & Sports Center on September 10, 2021.

Times-Tribune (9/16/2021)


Last month several agreements have been signed to give a green light for initial phase developments:

A donation agreement between the City and private property owners Dan and Natalie Erdman, who are donating a portion of their land for the Center.

A trail easement to construct a 3.5-mile trail network on the Erdman property, which will connect with ski and mountain bike trails north of the Golf Course to Blackhawk Ski Club.

A lease agreement between the City and CXC, which allows CXC to manage the Center and maintain the trails during the winter months.

The initial development phase of the Center will begin in September and include an access driveway connecting the Center to Highway 14 from Schwartz Road, as well as a parking lot and trail development. $920,000 were secured in donations by CXC Foundation to begin this initial phase.

Press Release (9/7/2021)

APRIL 13, 2021

Final plans for the access drive and parking lot have been submitted to the contractor.

Stormwater permit application is pending City of Middleton approval of the final plans for the access drive and parking lot.

CXC has raised 82% of required funding for the access drive, initial parking lot and snowmaking permanent infrustructure

Access drive and parking lot construction is set to begin in June!


Thank You For Your Support

Thank you for making the vision for the Center become a reality! For more information on becoming involved and helping to deliver this unique outdoor recreation and sports facility, please contact:


Crews break ground on new cross country skiing center in Middleton

- with Mike Davis / City Administrator, Middleton (WI)

- with Claire Seguin / Science Teacher, Lincoln Elementary School, Madison (WI)

- with Steve Myrland / Sports Performance & Rehabilitation

- with Jenn Ojibway / Parent of Adaptive Athlete

- with Mike Wollmer and John Hutchinson / Ace Age Trail Alliance

- with Mike Frank / Middleton Chamber of Commerce



For more information on becoming involved and helping to deliver this unique outdoor recreation and sports facility, please contact:

Support the Project

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